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Artikel managerSeminare

Artikel managerSeminare

Artikel managerSeminare


Torsten Kanzmeier

Drive- and Punch-Improver and Mental Coach


The Kanzmeier Method

The successful training method of drive- and punch-improver and mental coach Torsten Kanzmeier is a revolution in many sports! Torsten is currently focused on Boxing, Golf, Tennis, Running, Team Handball and Top-Level-Management-Coaching. The Kanzmeier-Method is applicable to other sports, to business and to every-day-life, as well.

For golfers the method is downright optimization and is referred to as “Magic Golf”. After a short time already the swings turn to be distinctly longer and more precise – at the same time the movement feels easier and more fluent with less swing and usage of pure muscle power – the way you have always dreamed of. The most fascinating part of it is: It is realizable for any golfer instantly!

Torsten Kanzmeier is not a golf teacher. The secret of the Kanzmeier-Method is a newly developed concept of movement. The concept identifies musculatural and golfing imbalances and dissolves them. The core idea is the focussing of energy and the quick and effective breakup of “inner resistance” in movement and thinking. Does it sound unbelievable? It does – but it works! Numerous golf-professionals tried the new method and are thoroughly impressed.

The instant-effect: quickly improved performance! You feel free and easy, are mentally stronger, physically more capable, more precise and faster. Even under stress you stay calm and easy.


The Kanzmeier-Method – Background

Torsten Kanzmeier (49) is the teacher of drive and punch improvement for many sportsmen and mental coach for managers. He holds a professional boxing-trainer-license and worked with several professional boxers improving their punches, i.e. Axel Schulz, Sascha Dimitrenko, Zolt Erdei, Firat Arslan amongst others. 2010 the two-time heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs appointed Torsten as his mental and punching coach during the preparation for his championship-fight against Vitali Klitschko.

Torsten Kanzmeier combines martial arts with psychology. For over thirty years now he has been engaged with the research of human physical motion, based on the original forms of Tai Chi, focussing on efficiency and economy with the additional potential of mental power and visualization. After 16 years of closely studying these mystical Asian arts and several years of teaching martial arts himself Torsten found his way to professional boxing. Through Axel Schulz’s concern and interest in Torsten’s way, he got in contact with Universum-Boxing-Trainer Fritz Sdunek who was equally enthusiastic about Torsten’s way, because his boxers learned to hit harder with more fluent motion. Fritz Sdunek successfully trained Vitali Klitschko with parts of the Kanzmeier-Method.

Torsten Kanzmeier calls his method “internal boxing”. It is an all-around Asian martial-arts-system, which “opens” the practitioners by disbanding pressure and resistance within the body. This is done by using the power of imagination in order to produce a special coenaesthesia and break borders. Bottom line: Reality is what we think. If we change our way of thinking we are able to change our reality.


Torsten Kanzmeier – Personal Data

Torsten Kanzmeier was born on February 28th, 1962 in Heide / Holstein, Germany. He was handicapped with a speaking disorder (lingual titubation) since his childhood. While many in his surrounding environment got used to it – Torsten himself never did. To him it was embarrassing, he felt encumbered and bothered by it. In school he got picked on and teased for his handicap and it almost broke the boy down. In his soccer team Torsten was a good striker but he could never fight his way up and was never taken serious due to his speaking disorder. He quit all of the sudden, left behind speechless coaches and players but he felt good with it – he had made a decision.

With 16 Torsten he chose to take an apprenticeship as a plumber while at the same time a female friend told him of a Kung-Fu school in a close-by city. Torsten, being a big Bruce Lee fan, wanted to learn immediately. On the next day he introduced himself to the school and was impressed by his new teacher Helmuth. He felt an intense closeness and friendship which he had not experienced before, a friendship that should change his life. Torsten became a Kung-Fu student. The education was often-times hard and painful but he was tough and had the desire to fight through it. Torsten learned fast and developed outstanding physical abilities.

With 25 Torsten gave up his job and apartment in order to learn martial arts with even more intensity. With 40 other martial-arts-students he lived a monastery-like life. Helmuth meanwhile was more than just a mere teacher, he was Torsten’s trainer, coach and mentor in areas of life. Later on Torsten took his own way – a way that has been very successful up until today. Torsten Kanzmeier is trainer and coach for many professional sportsmen and high-level managers.



Mike Davis, PGA Master Professional (GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher): “I practised a few days with Torsten and I was impressed by his ability to reduce stress and by that allowing an absolutely “free” swing. Even my most difficult student was relaxed and easy after only 15 minutes. I will introduce this method to my students, especially to the PGA-Tour professional players. I am positive that with Torsten’s method they will be able to enhance their performance when they are under pressure.”

Adnan Hajdini, PGA Professional: “Torsten Kanzmeier is a top trainer. What he does – I have never experienced before. I was totally surprised by the visible change in my swing. The method is very direct and quick to realize. I was in the German professional golf squad and got to know a lot of good trainers but never before have I seen that someone can convert difficult situations into utilizable practical experience.”

Lukas Fleckenstein, GC Kitzingen, Handicap 11: „After only one hour I was able to hit with more consistency and power. Torsten step-by-step taught me a pre-shot-routine that enables me to practice with more concentration, relaxation and therefore better efficiency. On the golf course I start my concentration not when I’m standing at the ball, ready to swing, but even before that. This method is a “must-have” for any golfer who wishes to improve their handicap.”



Torsten Kanzmeier offers a wide variety of tutorials, workshops, individual training and group-practice with his “Kanzmeier-Method”.

Golf: Drive Improvement, Swing Visualization, Mental Coaching

Tennis: Swing Improvement, Swing Visualization, Mental Coaching

Boxing: Punching Power, Movement Optimization

Running: Intensive  Training for a more dynamic, “unhampered” running experience

Martial Arts: Training and Teaching of Original Tai Chi and Kung Fu

Self Defence: Individual practice and group practice for men and women

Dancing: Motion-Coaching and –Refinement for dancers and actors

Music: Motion-Coaching and Development of an “inner connection” to the instrument

Management-Coaching: Self-Awareness, Personality-Coaching, Motivation, Self-Consciousness, Leading without Resistance, Resolution of internal Resistances

Releasing Fears: Motion-Analysis, Motion-Optimization, Mental Coaching

“Senior Free Walking”: Free (of fear) walking for handicapped and senior citizens

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